We are reimagining the way
services are accessed.

From how to find culturally responsive services, to what type of services are
available, or how to avoid long waitlists, the work we do is shaping the
future of accessibility and improving lives.

Who we are.

Founded in 2018, Support & Growth is a leading provider of culturally responsive mental health and wellness services and integrated employee wellbeing solutions. The fact that “Support & Growth” is our name is no coincidence. Our core belief is that each individual has the ability to achieve their full potential with the right support and a safe non-judgmental environment.

Today. Tomorrow. Always.


Our values propel us forward.


Our approach.

We provide an evidence-based, culturally responsive approach to mental well-being that ensures all clients receive support from someone that sees them as an individual and understands their day-to-day challenges based on their similar life experiences.

Our model is designed to help clients to feel safe, heard and understood as they journey through life.

Improving accessibility for Canadians of diverse backgrounds.

For many of our clients, “therapy” has stood for a painful process spanning multiple years with minimal results, week after week on long waitlists, month after month of trying to find the “right” therapist – this is especially true for people of diverse backgrounds who have unique needs when seeking mental health services.

You come first.

We want you to see us as members of your care team. We treat others the way we want to be treated. As your trusted partner, each plan is personalized, as there is only one you!

We are committed to addressing the
barriers that prevent Canadians of diverse
backgrounds from accessing therapy.

Our therapists.

Canada’s largest network of culturally diverse therapists.

Our licensed therapists speak several languages and represent a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, making it easier for clients to receive support from a therapist with shared life experiences.

Nikki Healey


Geer Harvey

Registered Social Worker

Briana Celestine

Registered Social Worker

Sadaf Jamal

Registered Psychotherapist

Angela Teekah

Registered Social Worker

Asheanna Baksh

Registered Social Worker

Magdalene Acquah

Registered Social Worker

Marijoy Malabanan

Registered Social Worker

Jessica Beatres

Registered Social Worker

Who we serve.

We work together to break down barriers so that everyone is able to experience
positive mental health and wellbeing.

Meet our leadership team.

Michael Assiamah

Founder & CEO

Danielle Lynch

Chief Operating Officer

Agnes Nkundabagenzi

Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Codner


Balpreet Grewal

Clinical Supervisor

Jacqueline Davis

Director of Clinical Services