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Let’s be real.

People of diverse backgrounds have unique needs when seeking mental health services. Support & Growth puts you first. Skip the long waitlists! Easily access counselling services, employee assistance program (EFAP), and consultations in Canada.

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Leading provider of culturally responsive mental and wellness services. What type of support
are you looking for? We offer comprehensive support options to meet all your needs.


Ongoing support from a licensed therapist.


Specialized support for ages 6-17.


Relationship centered therapy for couples and families.


Access Employee and
Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

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Why Support & Growth?

Support & Growth is the leading provider of culturally responsive mental and wellness services.

You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re feeling distress, out of control, or lost –
If you’re anxious to get “back on track” and “fix things” – If the heaviness of the outside world is weighing you down.

If you’re facing an issue or diagnosis you aren’t sure how to navigate – You’ve come to the right place.

Even if you’re questioning whether or not talking to a mental health professional is right for you. Especially if you’ve struggled to relate to therapists in the past.

Support & Growth was specifically designed with you in mind.

Pairing process.

Our 1:1 pairing process is at the center of it all – pairing real, diverse people like you with licensed, experienced, relatable and culturally diverse mental health professionals. Whether you’re looking for someone with advanced expertise in a particular challenge (such as anxiety, depression, relationships issues, or trauma), shared lived experience, or both – you’ll have a direct say in who you sit down with.

Why? Because in our decades of experience we’ve uncovered one not-so-hidden truth about “therapy” – a therapist you cannot relate to, is to unable to fully understand you in order to support you as you grow. Here, our professionals reflect your varied complexities.

Find the right
therapist for you.

Proessionals who just get you.
Find the the right therapist for you.

How it works.

Support & Growth handles everything from assessment to delivery of service and ongoing support. Access culturally responsive mental and wellness services. No matter where you are located. From licensed professionals as diverse as you are.

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Ongoing Support

Short or long term.
We are here to help.
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“We cannot control what happens in the outside world, but at Support & Growth, we are here for you.”

What our clients say about
Support & Growth.

*Quotes are from actual clients. Names have been changed to protect their identity.

As a criminal defence lawyer, many of my clients are often trying to overcome mental health challenges while simultaneously navigating the court system. They are truly dedicated to the community, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Rebecca Davis

I contacted Support & Growth and for the first time I didn’t feel judged while approaching mental health services. I am grateful for the support and growth.

Michael Osei

I am forever grateful to Support & Growth for everything they have done for my family, and I wish every child and family could receive the kind of understanding and support the Team at Support & Growth offers. It is lifesaving, truly.

Andrea Ford

“We’ve seen the magic that happens when confidence returns – when potential manifests and when old wounds heal. This is what we want for you.”

The Support & Growth Team

Support & Growth
for Employers and
Community Organizations.

We partner with employers, community organizations, health plans, schools and other strategic partners to make mental healthcare
more accessible and affordable.

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Access culturally responsive mental and wellness services. No matter where you are located. From licensed professionals as diverse as you are.
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